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My topic for this week is:

Bad or Ignorant Pet Owners in Books

I’m a big sucker for animals in books, especially cute or funny ones. But, sometimes, animals detract from the story when:

  • the owner forgets about the animal when he/she runs off to save the world or solve a mystery
  • the owner doesn’t seem to know much about the kind of animal he/she has
  • the author gets details about the pet’s behavior or needs wrong
  • there is too much telepathic communication between the animal and the owner
  • the animal is said to have powers that the animal never demonstrates
  • the owner has a creepy attachment to the pet beyond normal love for an animal
  • the author doesn’t account for laws and/or regulations governing keeping animals from the wild or exotic pets

Don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of authors who get it right when it comes to pets in books. I’m just saying there are also a lot who should have probably left out the pets. One example I can think of is a book in which the main character had a pet rabbit. Rabbits are known to be frightened (sometimes to the point of death) by loud noises. In the book I am thinking about, the main character’s house alarm went off and the rabbit just hopped around like nothing new was going on. It didn’t even startle. That really bothered me, especially because I had a rabbit die of fright of loud noise at a veterinary clinic. She had a heart attack the minute she heard all the dogs barking in the kennels in the back room. It sucks, but it does happen.

One thing I see a lot of in books are dog owners who never let their dogs out to go to the bathroom. I wonder about the condition of the characters’ homes!

If a character is well-informed and responsible, I have no problem with pets in books. I get a kick out of their pets’ antics.

Just for fun, here are a few pics of some of my pets:

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