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This week’s question is:

Blogger pet peeves? – provided by Take Me Away…

My answer…

Other than when we used to be on Google and they deleted our blog for no reason (and then said, “Oh, sorry, we made a mistake”), I really don’t have any big complaints about blogging. It’s been a great experience so far. Overall, the people have been great, and the tools have been easy to learn.

I have a couple minor pet peeves, both related to review requests…

1) When people don’t read about our preferences before they ask for a review. For example, neither Misty or I want to read violent erotica or orgy stories, but we both still get requests for those books.

2) When they spring it on you a week or less before the book comes out. I’ve got so many books to read; it’s really hard to squeeze more in at the last minute.

3) When they follow me on Twitter just so they can ask if I will review their book, and then unfollow if I say no.

Now that I’m making this post. I guess I do have a minor pet-peeve about WordPress. The SEO title it automatically puts in is always too long, making me have to enter it every time. If I’m going to have to enter it anyway, I wish it wouldn’t bother putting something in the box. The only way around it is if I make the blog post title really short, which I don’t want to do either. So, it is a pain.

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