Book Blogger Discussion About Review Requests

Hello fellow book bloggers! I visited some blogs earlier and looked at review policies. One thing that many blogs have in common is they don’t accept requests from self-published authors. I’m still debating how I feel about this because I have read some really good self-published books and some really bad ones.

Although I do research the books when I get requests and read the reviews for them (if available), it sometimes just comes down to the covers. Some of the covers are so bad I wouldn’t want to post it on the blog. Plus, I’ve heard other bloggers tell horror stories about indie authors who got irate when the review wasn’t 100% positive. That could end up being an issue for me because I am not one to lie in book reviews. Still, I don’t feel like I should discourage all indie authors from requesting reviews.

I know from reading discussions on other blogs that another issue that bloggers have is they get a lot of requests for books in genres they don’t read. This happens to us all the time. Even though we have it posted on the website what we like to read and what we don’t like to read, we still get tons of requests for books we would not be interested in.

And, of course, the biggest issue is that I just don’t have time to read everything. I still have books from when I started the blog that I haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet. Something always comes up and gets in the way. Shame on me!

A solution to these issues?

I was thinking maybe I could eliminate a lot of hassle if I just come up with a pre-approved list of authors I am willing to review. I could make a page on the blog for the list, make a Goodreads shelf, or put a link to a google doc or something. Of course, I would have to update the list frequently to keep up with new authors, but it might save me a lot of time and the authors from having to get a rejection letter.

What do you think about this? Would it work or would people not bother to read that either?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.