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I am in the process of adding books we have enjoyed to an Amazon store. For the sake of space, I am only adding the first book in each series. Right now, there aren’t a lot of books on the shelves, but I will continue to work on our book recommendations whenever I get time.

These are books we have personally read. Some of them are from before we started blogging, so you might not see reviews for them on the blog. However, we do plan to re-read many of these. If we haven’t written a review yet, it doesn’t mean there might not be one in the future.

Any purchases made while viewing our Amazon affiliate store will earn the blog a small commission, which will be eventually (when earnings are high enough) be put toward hosting and giveaway expenses. However, our main intent for creating this store was to have an easy way to find and organize books. Because we wanted to do this for new book releases as well, we used Amazon since it was better than Goodreads in terms of searching for books being released in a particular month. In our experience, Amazon is also less likely to have incorrect genre information.

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