Book Review of Close Your Eyes by Iris and Roy Johansen

About a week has passed since I finished reading Close Your Eyes. I can’t remember much about the deaths Jeff was investigating. That tells me that the plot, though sound, wasn’t as captivating as the characters. I can remember a lot about Kendra and Lynch, especially about Kendra’s work as a music therapist, but the whole serial killer/terrorist plot is vague in my memory even after re-reading the synopsis.

I really liked the characters and the dynamics between them. Yes, Kendra comes off as cold and rude, but I think that is because she is tired of people testing her and challenging what she knows. With her friend Olivia and her clients, we see a much softer side of Kendra. She even warms up to Lynch.

To like this story, though, you have to be willing to accept her unique abilities. At first, I thought it was a little far-fetched. I understand that blind people learn to depend on other senses and that those senses will be more developed than those of a seeing person. However, Kendra’s senses exceed what seems possible. In some ways, I would have preferred a paranormal explanation. That would have been easier for me to believe than that all this comes from just being blind for twenty years.

But, if you’re willing to suspend disbelief, this is a great book. It is well paced and has a solid plot. There’s a nice surprise at the end.

A couple nit-picky things I noticed…

There was an instance where Laird (a bad guy) had the exact same internal thought that Kendra had earlier–Smother the anger–and this seemed strange.

One time, Kendra said something that was grammatically correct but totally awkward. I’ve never heard anyone, no matter how educated, speak like that. There were some other places where I thought the dialogue felt unnatural.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed reading Close Your Eyes. I will definitely read the next book in the series.