DNF Review: Dangerous Game

Dangerous Gamesby Lora Leigh
Published byMacmillan on 2007-02-06
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback

I couldn’t finish Dangerous Game by Lora Leigh.

I picked this one up from the library, thinking it was the first book in the series. Dangerous Game is book two, not book one. That’s not really a problem, though.

I also thought it was romantic suspense. It’s not. The problem I had with this book is that it’s mostly really disgusting BDSM. I know some people like that stuff, but I just couldn’t stomach it. I was under the impression that the characters would be undercover in a BDSM club, not actively participating in it. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have ever tried to read it.

After about 130 pages of putting up with an arrogant, abusive, male lead, I slammed the book closed (literally). If I had been the main character, I would have gotten a restraining order against this insane, misogynistic, murderous, rapist asshole. Just my two cents. To me, when a woman says “no” multiple times, and the man forces himself on her, it’s rape. I don’t care if she ends up going along with it or ends up enjoying it. He should have respected her as a human being to stop when she told him to. He drags her around, forces her to everything he wants…I have no stomach for that kind of behavior.

I know it’s just a book, but I feel like if I condone it in a book, I’m condoning it in real life.

If you like that kind of man, you’d like this series. The first book is Reno’s Chance, which I’m not going to even attempt to read.

Lora Leigh is a talented author; my gripe is not with her skill. My gripe is with the people who publicize this book as being something it isn’t. There might have been some suspense in there somewhere. There might have been some romance in there somewhere. I personally could not find either. The blurb of the book should warn readers that there is potentially disturbing content.