Feature and Follow 5/8/14 – Books That Hook

I’ve been super busy trying to get grading done by the deadline for final grades. Sorry I’m late posting.

The Feature & Follow question for 5/8/14 was:

Choice #1: I’d like to meet Kim Harrison and have dinner with her. I watched an interview with her on GoodReads Link to Interview with Kim Harrison, and I think she’d be fun to talk to about all kinds of things, not just her books. She seems like she’s nice, down-to-earth, and intelligent.

She writes a teen paranormal series (Madison Avery) and an adult urban fantasy series (The Hollows). These are the first book in the series. Dead Witch Walking goes with the Hollows series. Once Dead, Twice Shy goes with the Madison Avery series.

Choice #2: Dean Koontz

He writes thrillers and horror. A lot of his stories have paranormal or supernatural elements. My favorite is the Odd Thomas series.

Other authors I’d like to have dinner with are: Kevin Hearne, Kalayna Price, Linda Poitevin, and Anton Strout. Of course, there are tons more!

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