Feature & Follow 11/7/14 – Books That Hook

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Question of the Week

Craziest thing you’d be willing to do for an ARC you are dying to read (aka what would you doooo-ooo for that ARC you want? *think of the Klondike Bar music*) – Suggested by A Great Read

My Answer

Unfortunately, my response to this question is going to be boring. I can’t see myself doing anything wild to get an ARC. I guess it would depend on how early I’d get it. If it’s like most ARCs, only a month or two before the release date, I wouldn’t even bother trying to get it. I can wait, especially since I probably wouldn’t get a chance to read it until it was already out anyway.

If it’s a year before the release (unlikely, but I’m imagining here) I might go out of my way to get the book. Even then, though, I wouldn’t do anything too crazy–that’s just my personality. I’m a college instructor and a mom. I need to be a good example, so nothing too outrageous for me.

What about you? Would you do something wild to get an ARC from your favorite author or series?