Feature & Follow: Am I A Writer?

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This week’s question is:

Are you also a writer and what genre or did you ever consider writing? – suggested by The Pegster Reads

My answer…

Am I a writer? Yes.

Am I a good writer? Questionable. I know I need a lot of help still.

I started writing stories when I was very young. When I was eight years old, I submitted a hand-illustrated story written in pencil to Simon & Schuster. They were very kind in their rejection letter.

In high school, I was a semi-finalist for the Pennsylvania Governor’s School of the Arts in two categories: writing and art. The funny part about that was that I didn’t even try. I turned in work that was incomplete for both entries. If I had actually put some effort into it, I might have made it in.

During college, I became disillusioned about writing (mostly because of a jerk professor). I didn’t write for many years. About ten years ago, I decided to start writing again. It’s been stop, go, stop, go for a while now.

Someday, I’ll get it right and get something published. Hopefully before I’m too old to enjoy it. I turned forty this year. The clock is ticking, but I guess there’s still time.

To read about what gives me problems when I write, click here.

I write paranormal contemporary fantasy. Since I tend to read a lot of suspense and thrillers, some of that influence works it’s way into my writing.

One of my works-in-progress has elements of a thriller (a serial killer), elements of a romance (hot FBI agent), and elements of fantasy (a secret organization dedicated to preserving magical secrets and creatures). As a whole, though, I’d say it leans more toward contemporary fantasy than anything else. I hesitate to call it urban fantasy because the setting is rural, and there’s debate over whether books with rural settings should be allowed into that genre.

I like stories where unsuspecting people get thrown into a new world, get powers, or discover powers they didn’t know they had. So, that’s what I tend to write.

Part of why I read so much is to learn how to write better. I have read tons of books about how to write fiction, but I figure one of the best ways to learn is to examine how others do it. In fact, that is advice I’ve read over and over again. You can’t be a good writer unless you read. I think that is true.

I read partly for pleasure, partly to put reviews up, and partly to let some of their mastery sink into my brain. (One can hope!)