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Resurrection Pass and The Genesis Conspiracy are books I found on Amazon while I was searching for March releases. I hadn’t heard of either author before, but the books sound interesting.

Resurrection Pass

by Kurt Anderson

Release Date: March 28, 2017

Genre: Supernatural Thriller/Horror

Publisher: Pinnacle


IT IS REAL . . .
Some call it a spirit, a demon. Others, an all-consuming force of nature. According to Cree legend, it goes by the name of Wendigo. For a hundred years it has been sleeping. Resting beneath the earth. Buried in a godless no-man’s-land known as Resurrection Pass . . .

Led by half-Cree guide Jake Trueblood, a clandestine team of exploratory miners enter a remote valley in the Canadian wilderness. Searching for veins of untapped rare earth elements, they begin drilling into the spongy soils of the forest—and uncover something unbelievably large, unspeakably grotesque, and inexplicably alive . . .

Within seconds, all hell breaks loose. Giant grasping tendrils shoot out of the earth. Poisonous spores explode into the air. And the horrified miners become a living, screaming feast for the biggest, hungriest creature the world has ever seen. Jake Trueblood and a young ecologist named Rachel barely escape with their lives, only to confront the Okitchawa, a murderous group of local Cree infuriated by the presence of the mining team. But even if they can escape the Okitchawa, Jake and Rachel’s ordeal is far from over. The nightmare is just beginning . . . to feed.

The Genesis Conspiracy

by James D. Prescott

Release Date: March 1, 2017

Genre: Archaeological Thriller

Publisher: Self-Published

The most startling secret in human history.
It holds the promise of answering humanity’s oldest questions.
And the power to render it extinct.

From deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean, archaeologist Dr. Martin Anders raises a puzzling object. Hidden behind layers of sediment he uncovers a piece of modern technology thousands of years old.

When a deadly global pandemic threatens the human race with extinction, Anders fails to see how it may be connected to his startling new discovery. That is until he’s approached by Genesis, a powerful biotech company.

They’re assembling a team to retrieve the cure from one of their top secret research facilities. But, there’s a catch. To get there, they’ll need to travel 12,000 years into the past.

A fast-paced archaeological thriller that will make you question everything you think you know. For fans of James Rollins, A.G. Riddle and Preston & Child.

Do you plan to read The Genesis Conspiracy or Resurrection Pass?

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