Flashback: August 2013 book releases

What was released one year ago in August?

So many books, so little time. There are still tons of great books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet. Here are some book releases of August of last year that I still want to read…

Urban Fantasy:

Kat Richardson-Possession (Book #8 in the Greywalker series)

Kelley Armstrong-Omens (Book #1 in the Cainsville series)

Jennifer Estep-Heart of Venom (Book #10 in the Elemental Assassin series)

Mystery & Suspense:

Maggie Shayne-Gingerbread Man (Stand-Alone)

Kathy Reichs-Bones of the Lost (Book #16 in the Temperance Brennan series)

Keri Arthur-Who Needs Enemies (Book #1 in the Harri Philleki, PI series)

Linwood Barclay-A Tap on the Window (Stand-Alone)

Paranormal Romance:

Jayne Castle-Deception Cove (Book # 10 in the Harmony series)

Kerrelyn Sparks-The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo (Book #14 in the Love at Stake series)

MaryJanice Davidson-Undead and Unsure (Book #12 in the Undead series)

I’m sure I could find more that were published in August of last year, but these are enough to get me really thinking (read depressed) about how very far behind I am in reading some of these series! Some of these, I haven’t even started; others, I’ve only read the first book. The only one I’ve read a lot of is Kathy Reichs, since I’m a big Bones fan

*For your convenience, each photo links to Amazon)

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