My Favorite Book Collection-Dean Koontz

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A lot of the categories we have planned are related to paranormal books, since that’s what we mostly blog about. But, I am open for suggestions 🙂

This week’s category is: My Favorite Book Collection

Everyone who knows me well knows I have a TON of books. So many that I have about 20 boxes in a storage unit, plus 20 or so boxes in my house, plus five bookcases… You get the picture. Out of all of these books, there are a few authors I would never part with. Of those, I have a few collections where I am close to having all the books.

My Dean Koontz collection is getting close. I currently have 62 books by Dean Koontz. One is actually a short story on my Kindle app, so I don’t know if that one really counts. But, as far as I know, I am only missing 9 books.

Since I get most of my books used or free, a lot of them aren’t in great condition. But at least I have it to read:)

A few didn’t make it into the pictures, some are shown more than once, and some are hiding behind other books. Next time, I’ll try to be more systematic in my picture taking!

Here are the books I still need to get:

Odd Apocalypse

St. Odd

Odd is On Our Side (graphic novel)

Odd Interlude (short story collection)

Frankenstein: Lost Souls

Frankenstein: The Dead Town

The Moonlit Mind

Darkness Under the Sun


Why not just get them at the library?

I’ve asked myself this many times. I know I’m a book hoarder, and I’ve tried to stop. It’s just a compulsion to finish a series or finish getting all of one author. This is especially true for some authors who the library doesn’t have.

I’ve tried to get rid of a lot of books this year (obviously not Dean Koontz ones). Unfortunately, Misty and I had a book sale at her house for two days with no customers. We ran an ad on Craigslist, put up signs, but no one came. Well, we did have one guy show up but he wanted military books, which we didn’t have. A couple of people stopped in their cars and asked if we had movies. What part of BOOK SALE didn’t they get? All I got out of this experience was a bad sunburn.

Anyway, now all those books are in the storage unit too. I know I should give them away to the library or something. I thought about picking out the ones in really good condition and selling them online, but it just seems like too much hassle and expense for the little bit of money I would get, considering seller’s fees and packing materials to ship them.

Is anyone else a book hoarder? Where do you put them all?

Would it be tacky to give away used books on a blog?

Next week’s category is: My Favorite Movies Based on Books