News: Blog Changes & Improvements

In the past, we have tried several ways to keep track of all of the free and price-reduced Kindle books. Most recently, we had a page where posted all the links to Amazon. This page became slow to load and hard to keep up with.

So, I’ve decided to move everything to our Amazon affiliate store. I will still add new books when they become available for free or for a discounted price. The main difference is that they will no longer be on one page; our menu will have links to individual pages. I hope this works out better for everyone.

When I post new books, I will tweet about it. If you want to get those updates, please follow me by twitter if you don’t already.

I’ve already made some other changes to the blog, such as having fewer top-level menu items. Now, a lot of these appear as drop-down menus.

I have also added a directory page for book bloggers, after a recent frustrating effort to find bloggers through existing directories. At least 75% of the blogs I visited weren’t active anymore. Some links were as old as 2011. I wanted to make a new directory that only includes blogs that are still active. So, I have started this on the blog. If you’d like to sign up, you can use the form on the menu.

I plan to make more changes. Here are some of the things I am planning:

  1. Adding author information for each post
  2. Editing old posts for aesthetic continuity
  3. Separating blog tours from the accompanying review. I think it will be better to have them separate, because if the tour is over, a person who wants to read just the review might not want to have to scroll through all the old tour stuff to get to the review. This will require a lot of re-posts, but I will spread them out so they don’t clog your email or feed.
  4. Adding more keywords to past posts, so readers can search easier
  5. Improving SEO
  6. Deleting some old posts that I don’t feel are relevant anymore

I am also going to work on making sure all of my reviews have been cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

I’m considering making some sort of site navigation page that makes it easier for readers to find old posts by certain tags. I don’t really like tag clouds because a)they take up too much space on the sidebar, and 2) they never show all the tags I want. So, as an alternative to a tag cloud, I’m going to try to come up with a page that includes the most often used tags. That way, if (for example) you want to find all our posts about books with werewolves as main characters, you could click on the word werewolves. I didn’t put this task on my numbered list above, because I’m not certain yet how I am going to do it.

If you have any other suggestions for blog improvements, I’d love to hear them in the comments.