Novella Review: Stone Cold Dead

Dark Secrets: Stone Cold Deadby Shea Berkley
Series:Dark Secrets #1
Published byThursday Publishing on January 31, 2015
Genres:Paranormal Romance
Pages: 161
Format: eBook

When an ancient curse brings Anara to Boston, she must choose between standing by and watching the city suffer, or join a daring mortal in his fight to protect the innocent.

Death stalks the dark streets of Boston, but even death has enemies…

Being a hero is Ryan diTaro’s job. Eradicating the city of vampires and other monsters that hide in the dark is how he got the title. When an unknown woman appears and saves his life and then disappears, he’s not sure if he’s made a friend or enemy. Should he accept her help in hunting down the undead, or is she part of an elaborate plan the creatures of darkness have created to end his quest to see evil eliminated for good?

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*

“Stone Cold Dead” is the first novella in the Dark Secrets series by Shea Berkley. It is told in first person from more than one point of view.

The story starts with lots of action. It has a clear goal. The writing style is simple and well-suited for this type of book, because there is a lot of fighting and it keeps that fast pace going. I really enjoyed the characters, the excitement of the story, and the mystery surrounding Anara’s curse. Unfortunately, I was disappointed because Anara’s curse is never fully explained.

The biggest problem “Stone Cold Dead” has is that it suffers from being rushed on too many levels, especially in terms of the romance. This story definitely needed to be expanded into a full length novel. There were too many unanswered questions. Also, I hated that Anara and Ryan didn’t get to know one another at all before proclaiming their love for one another. I could kind of understand it on Anara’s part because she had been watching Ryan for a long time. She at least knew a little about him. But, Ryan had never met her before the start of the story. He just accepts everything too easily and falls in love instantly.

I have started reading the next story in this series. I was disappointed that it skips over what happens with Anara and Ryan’s relationship. I mention this here because I want readers to know that it isn’t a matter of being able to get more of their story in the next book. The next story is about different characters. Anara and Ryan are away during the next book, but it is said that they are married, which was totally unsatisfying to me because I never got to see them get to that point.

For the action alone, I would recommend reading “Stone Cold Dead.” Just don’t expect a lot of resolution at the end of the novella.

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