On The Accidental Wings of Dragons

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Michael waited for the next bout of heat or pain, but it didn’t come. Great. He’d survived. Yay. Now he just had to figure out what kind of bug he had caught so he could get the antidote.

He slowly opened his eyes. The world looked wrong. The colors were off. More brilliant. Sharper. He closed them again. Maybe he hadn’t recovered yet. But, the world smelled different, too. Things he hadn’t noticed before were sharper. The dirt and grass were divine. And he could smell her. Carissa. How he knew it was her was beyond him, but it was. And she smelled wonderful.


His brain screamed out that one-word declaration. He had to find her. She was hurt. She was missing a scale. He had to protect her.

Pushing up, Michael managed to get to his hands and knees. Shit! His balance was way off. His body felt weird. Not hurt, just off. Carissa. Mine! He had to get to Mine!. She needed him. Opening his eyes, he took in the strange hues. God, that looked weird. Spying the cabin, he closed his eyes and followed his nose. She went that way. He just knew it. He staggered forwards on his hands and feet before toppling over onto his side.

Feet? How had he been on his hands and feet without his butt being up in the air? It didn’t matter right now. Protect Mine! Michael tried to get up again but only managed to flop about on the ground. Darkness ate away at the edges of his mind. Great. Now that he had something important to do, he passed out. Thanks world; I love you, too.

Shifting to grand dragon form, she let out a roar, released Kyle’s voice, and leaped into the air. A good, long flight should help calm her nerves. And if Kyle so much as insulted Michael, she’d roast him when she got back.