Rating Scale – Books That Hook

  • 5 Stars: I loved it and would strongly recommend reading the book. If I had any dislikes, they are so minor that they don’t sway my opinion. I’d pay full price for this book.
  • 4.5 Stars: So close to 5 stars, but there’s an issue I can’t overlook. However, I still strongly recommend reading the book. I’d pay full price for this book.
  • 4 Stars: Mostly likes, some dislikes. I’d recommend it to others. I’d buy the book if it was on sale.
  • 3 Stars: 50/50 likes & dislikes. I’m unsure if I would recommend it. I’d have to explain it to the person first. I would buy it second-hand only.
  • 2 Stars: Mostly dislikes, some likes. I wouldn’t recommend it. I wouldn’t buy it.
  • 1 Stars: Disliked everything. I would tell people not to read it. I wouldn’t even take a free copy.
  • DNF: I can’t finish it. It’s too confusing, too boring, or the wrong subject matter for my taste.

In some cases, we don’t give any stars. That doesn’t mean the book was bad. It just means the reviewer didn’t feel like she was the best person to assess the book.