Raven’s Heart by Shawna Reppert [Review, 2016 urban fantasy]


The reformed dark mage Corwyn Ravenscroft, Raven, has finally found his place in the world. He has a fiancé, friends, and meaningful work. Yet a shadow hangs over everything. His former master, the darkest and most powerful mage of their time, the man he betrayed, the man he thought he had killed, still lives. William is determined to destroy everyone and everything Raven ever loved.

Will Raven find a way to defeat him, once and for all? Or will he see the life he has built crumble around him as William rises once again to threaten the Three Communities, perhaps even the world?

The much-awaited third book in the award-winning Ravensblood series! Urban fantasy set in an alternate-universe version of the Pacific Northwest!

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*

William, Raven’s old master, is bent on revenge for Raven betraying him. William starts to target people who Raven is associated with, some of whom are more well known to Raven than others. Raven, Cass (Raven’s fiance), and Ramirez (a local Guardian assisting with the case) have to make sure William doesn’t kill anyone else or get his hands on the Ravensblood, which is a stone that amplifies magic.

Absolutely! RAVEN’S HEART was a great book. I really enjoyed reading it. It contained a pleasant blend of drama and action. The romance supported the rest of the story. William was a well-motivated and fear-worthy villain. Raven went through so much trying to stop him from killing or getting back to full power. The author created an emotional connection between myself and Raven, which was important to the series because readers needed to see how far he had come in turning over a new leaf after quitting his dark mage ways. I don’t want to say much about what Raven went through because it would be too easy for me to step into spoiler territory. All I’ll say now is, “Read this series! It’s awesome!” I give RAVEN’S HEART five stars for great character growth and development, lots of danger and action, and a satisfying ending.

Raven pours his heart into playing the piano. Do you play a musical instrument? I don’t; I’ve always wanted to learn but never have.

Shawna Reppert is the author of Ravensblood; Raven’s Wings; Duets for Ravens (two short stories); The Stolen Luck; We Don’t Serve Your Kind (a short story); The Three Tunes (three short stories); and The Sword and the Kestrel.

Shawna Reppert, an award-winning author of fantasy and steampunk, is proud of keeping readers up all night and making them miss work deadlines. She believes that fiction should ask questions for which there are no easy answers, while at the same time taking the reader on a fine adventure that grips them heart and soul and keeps them turning pages until the very end. To that purpose, she took workshops and seminars from the likes of David Farland, Donald Maass, Elizabeth Lyon, and Charles de Lint.

“Definitely give this author a chance,” says one reader, “her storytelling will draw you in. Her style is just a hint of Andre Norton, a dash of J. K. Rowling, and the tiniest pinch of Anne Rice. The rest is her own unique stamp.”

Her debut novel, The Stolen Luck, won a silver medal for original-world fantasy in the Global Ebooks Awards and an Eppie for fantasy romance. The first book of her Ravensblood urban fantasy series won a gold medal for contemporary fantasy. The much-awaited sequel, Raven’s Wing, has been recently released.

Two of her short stories won Honorable Mention in the prestigious Writers of the Future contest, and her steampunk werewolf story, The Beast Within, appears in the anthology Gears and Levers 2 edited by Phyllis Irene Radford.

Shawna’s love of live Irish music and dance frequently influences her work. She has an affinity for wolves and used to keep a wolf hybrid as a pet, a background which helps her put the wolf in her werewolves. Her current four-footed children are a Lipizzan stallion and a black-and-orange cat named Samhain who occasionally takes over her blog.

Shawna also likes to play with the Society for Creative Anachronism, and can sometimes be found in medieval garb on a caparisoned horse, throwing javelins into innocent hay bales that never did anything to her.

She grew up in Pennsylvania, and now lives in the beautiful wine country of Oregon. Each has colored her writing in different ways.

You can find her work on Amazon. Friend her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter, where she posts an amazing array of geekery, including history tidbits, Whovian memes, Trek humor, writing tips, and pics of David Tennant in a kilt.

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