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Author:Kelley Armstrong
Title: Rebirth (short story) Series:Otherworld .01
Pages: 20
Release Date: March 22, 2011
Genres:Urban Fantasy
No longer available online – now in Tales of the Otherworld

About Aaron and how he got reborn into a vampire

Format: Paperback
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“Rebirth” is the first prequel to the Otherworld series. I’ve read many of the books in this series, but never the short stories. I’ve decided to restart the series from the very beginning, following it in order as it is listed on Goodreads.

I own this story in the short story collection Tales of the Otherworld. I’m reviewing each story individually because I can’t read all the stories in the book yet. Some of them fall further down in the series.

About “Rebirth”

This story is about Aaron, who dies at the hand of a street thug during an act of charity. When he awakens in a coffin, his mother explains that he is a hereditary vampire. He begins his life as a vampire, trying to adjust to feeding and other moral issues. He meets another vampire, Cassandra, who offers to help him.

My Likes

The story moves along very quickly. Also, I felt like I got to know Aaron well enough to enjoy the story. Another positive is the sense of setting. I could picture it in my mind.

My Dislikes

“Rebirth” is very short. Some parts in the story were skipped over. I would have preferred to have seen those things happen, rather than being told about them after the fact. For example, Cassandra sends Aaron to an address to see what is happening there. I didn’t get to see what he found there from his perspective. It’s only during a later conversation with Cassandra that I learned what was going on at that address. It would have been better to see it as it happened.

My Overall Opinion

As far as short stories go, this one was one of the better ones I have read. It had a strong plot that didn’t leave any big questions unanswered. If you like stories about moral vampires, you should read this if you haven’t already, especially if you are a fan of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. I give “Rebirth” five stars for interesting characters, a satisfactory resolution, and quick pacing.

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